Break your glass slippers

you are your own fairy tale series part 1 of three parts series.

Break your glass slippers, 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐

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17th February 2022, Wednesday

break your glass slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Disclaimer: I’ve been provided with an audiobook arc of the book through the NetGalley platform, the publishers and the author. I’d like to give my thanks to them and make it clear that my opinion is my own.

Trigger warnings: child abuse, toxic friendships, toxic romantic relationships, sexual harassment, eating disorders, fatphobia, suicide, trauma, & possibly more. remember to practice self-care before, during, & after reading. 

Audiobook review:

This audiobook is simply amazing. Amanda’s message is clear in her words and voice.

The cover and title suggest that it may revolve around Cinderella and it is true, the poems are filled with that effect, are so a work of fiction as the poet tells us at the beginning of the audiobook itself but the poems are so much more reality-based as well.

The poems are filled with empowerment, courage, self-fulfilment and more than anything seeing how you are special in your own way, believing that and making sure you understand the lesson, filled with so much truth it might hurt but wait, it always comes with an accompanying truth which encourages a lot. She also comments on hot topics with preciseness and makes sure to hit the target, when I read that certain poem, I got wowed and it was amazing. The poems hold truth and each one is alluring in itself. So many nicely put illustrations as well. This book is kinda magical. By the end of it, you’d be confident in yourself, be able to relate, have enjoyed a lot and would love yourself, it is a very important thing to practice. I did have a problem with a certain poem but the poet fixed it right in the next poem and I loved how she did it.

The poems laced with so much comfort, if I could I’d write all of them down. I feel like listening to them again and again. If I walk into a bookstore now, which is kinda far from where I live and I find this book, I’ll hold it to my heart and bring it home.

So many emotions and at the same time being so simple and clear. This is a book I’d love to listen to again and again.

Amanda has filled this poetry with lovely poems, messages and her lovely voice which lures one to just keep listening to her soft voice and melodious tone.

I feel this is a very good anthology to gift a female teenager and be read by her and also elder females should read and listen to the book as well. I’ll put the links for the book in the description as well.

The audiobook link for “you are your own fairy tale”:

The audiobook link for “break your glass slippers”:

Thank you for reading so far. I hope to continue the series as soon as possible. My college has finally opened in offline mode and it’s been a crazy week since even though its just Wednesday now I feel like so much time has passed and I don’t know how things will turn out but I’m excited, nervous and happy at the same time :)) Wish me luck!

Till next time, take care of yourself!


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