Recommend Me a Book!


Please tell me the name/(s) of your favourite book/(s) !!! By filling in the form below. * If u don’t want to tell your name, fill name it by Anonymous*

I hope to read one of the books you recommend to me and share my thoughts here. Let’s have fun!!

Let me start, I would recommend :

  • Fin’s Claim by Rachelle Mills
  • Animal farm by George Orwell
  • The word is murder by Anthony Horowitz and its sequel,
  • The sentence is death by Anthony horowitz
  • Jonathan livingston seagull by Richard Bach

Let’s continue this little game. I hope to get to know more books.

I also would make a list of books you recommend so that all of us in the book community get to know about the favourite of yours that needs to be read.

Take a book and start reading!!

~ Aashi