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SWEET BEAN PASTE by Durian Sukegawa (Japanese) Translated by Alison Watts

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A charming tale of friendship, love and loneliness in contemporary Japan.

The title of the book is “Sweet bean paste” following it’s label the book is full of sweetness and charms. I can’t label where it is missing coz it’s everywhere.The growth of characters and what you learn from them is appreciable. I appreciate it a lot.No one is perfect after all.Cherry blossoms trees are a frequent natural attraction.

Somehow this mixture of grief and solace, cherry blossoms and red beans is a recipe for happiness.’

-Radio SRF 2 Kultur Kompakt

An ode to cuisine and to life. Poignant, poetic, sensual: a treat.

-Lausanne Cités


The story is about three people an old lady (Tokue Yoshii) who visits a doraharu named shop to work there and after many rounds is finally accepted by the man (Sentaro tsujii) making dorayaki there.And a girl student (Wakana) who comes to eat in the shop.

It’s the story of their friendship. It’s a story about making Dorayaki more sweeter in process of getting yourself soak in more of attention, peace and appreciating beauty of process.


It has bring about a positive optimistic change in me which I could feel and can feel after each and every read I have done.This has helped me being more calm and sweet in my words.

Life is full of surprises. This book is no exception to that. It gives you happiness, beauty, perennial love of what life is. It’s makes you reflect on life. It makes you understand the perspectives of the other person in front of you. I respected other person’s thought earlier too but now I understand which has made me respect more from my heart!

I am gonna be thankful forever for this book,I am lucky enough to have read such a masterpiece in my life. Thankful to Durian Sukegawa to have wrote this beauty.

There are few quotes out of some I bookmarked while reading which I adored.

I began to understand that we were born in order to see and listen to the world. And that’s all this world wants of us.

The only way to get over barriers, she said, is to live in the spirit of already being over them.

It is fine to think what you want about things.

The world hasn’t changed. It’s just as cruel as it always was.

With joy also came pain.

If my view of the world disappears, then everything that I see disappears too.

These are just a part of what I have read. It’s not the story. The story is beauty and I can’t get over it’s charm so easily.

I will definitely rate it 5/5 though the book doesn’t require my rating at all it’s a masterpiece, that’s all. I highly recommend it.

I hope you will read this book and love, learn from it.

Listening is a good word. I like it.

– Sentaro Tsujii


Durian Sukegawa ( born -17th June 1962 ) in Tokyo,actually Tetsuya Sukegawa is a Japanese Author, poet and musician.

Why He wrote this story?