Shine your icy crown, Amanda Lovelace

you are your own fairy tale series part 2 of three parts series of reviews.

Shine your icy crown, 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐

four point five stars

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24th February 2022Thursday

Shine your icy crown by Amanda Lovelace

Disclaimer: I’ve been provided with an audiobook arc of the book through the NetGalley platform, the publishers and the author. I’d like to give my thanks to them and make it clear that my opinion is my own.

Trigger warnings: child abuse, toxic relationships, sexual assault, eating disorders, mental illness, self-harm, sexism, suicide, trauma, & possibly more. remember to practice self-care before, during, & after reading. 

Genre: Poetry

Audiobook review:

This is the second instalment in you are your own fairy tale series, which can be listened to as a standalone.

Reasons why I love this audiobook:
– background music is awesome, gives feels
– it has poems under “big sister says” and let me tell you its one of the best things about it, going to talk more about it as well
– the poems are diverse
– this is a roller coaster of a journey

This is more of hugs and showing the truth through poems; things maybe you don’t want to hear but will have to, is filled in this mixture and though sometimes bitter, it left me relaxed and calm. The major focus of the poems is always “you”, the person who is listening and the message is clear and inspiring. The poems are rebellious and should be as well, why should one listen to things that have been fed to them since childhood or the mainstream book storytellings or folk story; the wonder of a female is real which is told here and the patriarchy is told how the society looks at females so much differently than men and how it binds us but it shouldn’t, do what you feel is right, not what should be done. The poems are about a mixture of topics like female empowerment, self-beliefs, and so much more. 

Sometimes the poems may not feel so much aligned with the mainstream thoughts but it’s okay, we are all allowed to think in our way. Some poems I couldn’t understand in one go, I do now, it’s progress and makes me understand things. So give them time to settle in and put fire on your thoughts, we gotta change sometime, not now but maybe some time and change is good.

Amanda is the narrator of the poems and she really sounds soothing and adds emotions to her poems in the right amount as should be put. I felt it in my core.

make them rue the day they underestimated you.” is one of my favourite poems here.

Yes, I did write quite a lot of them and now I feel like physically having this book too.

Who would I recommend this book to? Well if I had a little sister, I’d have had gave her this book, and read it to her or told her to read and try to understand it. So yes, females do read this, as one I loved it.

Thank you for reading so far, that’s all for shine your icy crown audiobook review, do check the links given to directly buy from publisher’s links and don’t forget the audiobook gets published on 15th March 2022, do preorder if you can.

The audiobook link for “you are your own fairy tale”:

The audiobook link for “break your glass slippers”:

See you in the next review.

Till then, take care of yourself.



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